Bender & Wirth
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In 1899, 20 years after Edison invented the light bulb, Hermann Bender founded together with Carl August Wirth the company Bender + Wirth in the small town of Kierspe in Germany. Right from the beginning the wide program of electro-technical articles included sockets for the lighting industry, which were exported all over the world.

Carl August Wirth left the company after a couple of successful years to found his own enterprise in the neighborhood ( The companies are still maintaining a good friendship.

When the second generation took over the leadership, the program was already focused on lamp holders. With the upcoming of the low voltage technology in the photo-optical industry Bender + Wirth became the leading manufacturer of sockets in this market.
The accumulated know how for the perfect composition of the critical dimensions temperature, tension and electric current became the corner stone for the advanced design of the Bender + Wirth products.

Today the full program includes lamp holders for lower voltage, line voltage, discharge, edison and bajonet lamps as well as modern solutions for LED´s.

Not only economical success but also a fundamental respect and responsibility for the local community, the employees and the business partner was a central value for the founder Hermann Bender.

This tradition was carried through the generations and is after over 100 years still an active commitment.
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