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Bender + Wirth at the LpS

The Leading European Lighting Conference in Bregenz

The LED professional symposium +expo (LpS) event has established itself as the European point of reference for lighting professionals dealing with the development, production, measurement and evaluation of modern solid-state lighting systems and controls and its latest technologies in various application areas.

Therefore, the LpS has a high value for Bender + Wirth, too. Many customers, technicians and interested visitors found their way to the booth. The LED Holder Series 430, very well established in the industry by now, attracted many visitors.

Due to its fast and easy adaptability the LED holders from Bender + Wirth are the application of choice when it comes to newly combined, individual or complex designs. Alongside with a bunch of technical advantages, the series became a well-known solution throughout the LED lighting industry.

Find more information about LpS in the promoter´s report.

Bender + Wirth at the LpS

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