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New: LED Holder for Mechatronix

Thermal management plays a central role in LED luminaire design as insufficient dissipation of the generated heat substantially reduces the lifetime of LED modules.

Now, Bender + Wirth developed new designs of its successful LED holder series 430 for the new High Bay coolers "ModuLED Mega/Giga" and "Coolbay Giga/Tera" from Mechatronix. The holders are available as standard products for common CoB modules. Custom designs can be ordered on request.

As a result of the assembly via holders, the LED modules do not need to be soldered nor screwed directly onto the heat sink and are protected against overheating and mechanical stress during the assembly process.

Compared to plastic holders, the very high thermal stability of LED holder series 430 from Bender + Wirth ensures constant surface pressure over the entire operational life of the luminaire. In addition, the LED holders for the High Bay coolers "ModuLED Mega/Giga" and "Coolbay Giga/Tera" are fixed with four screws in order to increase and space out the surface pressure evenly.

Mechatronix offers the holders from Bender + Wirth under the term "CoolConnect". Data sheets and specifications can be found in the online catalogue from Bender + Wirth and on Mechatronix website.
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